Distributor of heavy machinery, excavators, loaders and all spare parts in a complete range. Including machine rental service and machine maintenance services for customers.

We are a service provider for customers in the group of cement plants, mining & quarry and construction. by sourcing for quality products that meet international standards and fair price from selected manufacturers therefore ensuring that All customers will receive good products from us, worth the price.

We will develop and drive PARAGON MACHINERY to the highest point in both products and services to exceed customer expectations and be in the top position in our market.

PARAGON MACHINERY, established since 1992, imports undercarriage parts for heavy machinery. and develop into a heavy equipment dealer and a variety of products from leading brands Procurement of products and machinery for government project They are also exported to foreign countries as well.



        “To be an eminent materials handling, construction, quarry and industrial equipment solution provider within the ASEAN Region, creating value, for our customers, business partner, and stakeholders”


        “To transform and equip “PARAGON MACHINERY Co., LTD.” with core competences that will enable us to exceed customer’s expectations, be within top position in our service products and market segment”

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